5 Creative Ways to Spruce up Your Patio This Summer

Summer months are almost here and it is the perfect season for backyard parties and gatherings. However, you might notice that winter has taken its toll on your lovely patio, leaving it looking dull and old. There’s no need to settle for a dingy-looking patio. Here are some creative and easy tricks to spruce up your patio and prepare it for summer.


One of the simplest yet effective ways to liven up any space is to give it a fresh coat of paint. While it is tempting to stick with the usual white colour scheme, experimenting with colours and textures works wonders in refreshing the look of our patio. You may also want to consider having an accent wall to give your patio more personality and appeal. Choose a combination of neutral colours if you want a natural-looking patio.

Decorate with Fairy Garden

Fairy gardens are little gardens planted in a pot. It is a lovely arrangement of plants in a pot with little figurines or structures that make it look like a fairy wonderland. Fairy gardens make a beautiful display on your patio during summer to try creating a few ones to place around. Styling a fairy garden is also a great activity to make you relax in your garden.

Give Your Patio Furniture an Upgrade

Patio furniture is exposed to the harsh outdoor conditions, making them prone to wear and tear. If your outdoor furnishings look worn out, it’s the right time to update it. You can scrap the old ones and get new furnishings. Check out these furniture shops Fyshwick for stylish and durable outdoor furniture perfect for your patio.

However, if you’re short in budget, there’s no need to dispose your current furniture if it still serves you well. Try giving it a fresh coat of paint if it looks old. For worn out cushions, simply replace or reupholster it to make it look new again. Don’t forget to add colourful pillows and cushions to make your patio look livelier for the summer.

Try Creative Lighting Solutions

Although regular patio lights work well for your patio, your outdoor living area would look lovelier if you try out creative lighting around it. There are plenty of styles you can use – from fairy lights, tiki torches, lanterns and many more. They may not be that apparent at daytime but it would definitely add some drama and sophistication in your patio at night.

Create a Pathway

Making a pathway that connects the patio to the other areas of your backyard is a simple yet efficient way in sprucing up your patio. You can choose from a variety of materials such as bricks and stone to create the perfect pathway. Make it look more interesting by adding a few decorative elements such as flowers and stones along the sides.

Giving your patio a makeover for the summer doesn’t need to be that expensive. With these tips, you can recreate a fresh-looking patio without breaking the bank.

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