Easy Tricks to Tidy Up Your Kid’s Bedroom

If you have a child who has his or own bedroom, then you know what the word struggle means. Children are naturally messy and sometimes tend to be irresponsible. In this case, there is no point in punishing your children when they mess up the rooms. You need to use smart tactics to ensure that their rooms are maintained on a regular basis. If you are tired and just want to get this out of the way, then here are tricks that you will definitely be grateful for.

Operant Conditioning

You can utilise this psychological trick to motivate your children to clean up their own room. All you need to do is figure out a reward and punishment system that actually makes a difference. For example, if your child is a chocolate lover, then you can reward him with a chocolate every time he cleans up his room. However, if he fails to, you can punish him by banning chocolates in the house for a week. This technique has proven to be highly effective when modifying the behaviour of children. So, you should definitely give it a try.

Child-Friendly Furniture

You need to invest money in things that will make life easier for your children and yourself. For example, if you purchase normal covers for your kids, two things can happen. Firstly, it will always been on the floor or crumpled in some corner. Secondly, your child will never learn how to make their bed because they find it to be an impossible task. In this case, you could opt for products such as fitted sheets. Since these are really easy to use, there is nothing for you to worry about.


Just because your child is being stubborn, that does not mean that you should just give up. You need to help your child to learn how to be tidy and responsible. In this case, a technique that will definitely work would be introducing a schedule. If you train your child to tidy up their bedroom at a specific time every day, then you can be assured that he or she will learn it automatically. Although they might protest initially, they will get into this habit after a while once they get enough practice. But you need to be a bit strict to ensure that this schedule is properly followed.

Modelling Behaviour

If your child doesn’t want to keep her room tidy, then it can be because of observational learning. In other words, you need to keep in mind that children imitate adults around them. So, if you do not maintain your bedroom properly, then you cannot expect anything better from your child. Therefore, you need to be a good example to your children. You must be the role model and make sure that your bedroom looks clean, tidy and organised. This way, your child will be encouraged to do the same.

As you can see, there is more than one way through which you can train your child to be responsible and neat. So, don’t just give up on them yet.

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