Home Décor Mistakes You Might Be Making

Giving your home a new facelift can be easy or hard – it totally depends on how you handle it. But it will totally be a rewarding experience in the end. This process will surely take almost all your energy and will take a lot of time. At times, you tend to do things on your home little by little that you overlook into the details and end up messing around. What you think you are doing right is actually wrong, and you are probably doing it all your life. Here is a list of things you might be doing wrong in your home.

1. Imitating Too Much

You are probably seeing a lot of beautiful ideas on the internet and you want to put all those ideas right in your home. There you go, shopping all the things you have seen, yet you end up wasting your money because you can’t put it anywhere. You tend to mimic everything you see, but unfortunately it ends as a disaster.

2. Displaying Collections Anywhere

You probably have a lot of collections – kitchenware, hats, giveaways, jars and all. It does not look appealing at all, but it looks messy and could make everything look disorganized. Displaying your personal collection is alright, but putting too much is totally not. Learn how to minimize what you display so that it will not look cluttered and try to put these things into private areas as these should be the proper places where they should be.

3. Displaying Too Many Photos

It is a common scene in every home that there are photos displayed in the walls or in sofa tables. In as much as you want your guest to have a glimpse of things you have been through, putting on too many photos actually makes your home look crowded. It is suggested that you display more formal photos rather than putting on everything. Remember, there are moments that should be kept private.

4. Too Many Things on the Countertop

The kitchen is considered as the busiest part of the house which means that there are a lot of things used and needed in there.  Due to this, kitchen appliances and kitchen wares must be everywhere and ruins the overall appeal of your should have been beautiful kitchen. It should have been better if you just display the things you usually need and hide things that you don’t actually use.

5. Furniture Lined Up Against the Wall

This is a common practice that almost everyone observes because they think this will save space, but it actually makes the living room boring and uncomfortable. Furniture should be placed in strategic places and not just anywhere in the house especially near the walls.

6. Too Many Plants Inside and Outside

While plants make the house look refreshing, having it too much around your house will give off a dark aura. This is one thing that you should ask your property agents about when you plan to buy your house and Real estate agents Lilydale can help you with such things.

Fixing your home can give you a hard time if you do not know what you are doing. Do not be afraid to ask for help or details if needed. Your home reflects who you are as a person, thus know when to stop so that you will not overdo things.

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