The Difference Between Dedicated Desks And Hot Desks

The hot desk has become centre stage to the coworking platform simply because it is one of the best ways to engage the professional community. Start-ups and other businesses have found a way to use office space to their advantage, and the hot desk is just one way that businesses can leverage space to build business. However, the dedicated desk, while a part of conventional office settings, also has a place in the coworking office.

In the coworking landscape, hot desking versus using a dedicated desk has many advantages and vice versa. While they both are valuable workspace, the two share one major similarity, and it is that businesses can lease a dedicated desk or hot desk on a month-to-month membership making it economically feasible to lease space in Australia’s major urban centres. The hot desking experience, though, is much different to working at a dedicated desk.

Let’s take a closer look at the major differences between dedicated desks and hot desks.


One major difference between the hot desk and the dedicated desk is the expense. Dedicated desks typically are little more expensive than hot desks, depending on the desk the costs could actually be quite expensive. For the most part, though, choosing between the hot desk and the dedicated desk is more about your work style than anything else.


The dedicated desk offers your business more privacy than the hot desk usually. This is because the dedicated desk is an assigned desk that is separated from others in the workspace. Some coworking spaces place the dedicated desks far away from the hot desks for this reason. Those professionals who work with sensitive information might find the dedicated desk a better option to the hot desk, which can be a more social place in the coworking space.

Social Interaction

The dedicated desk, however, falls short of providing professionals with the opportunity to engage others in the coworking space unless particularly proactive. The hot desk is a space that can be used by anyone on a first-come, first-serve basis, and for this reason, it works for coworking professionals who need space to work.

At the same time, the hot desk can be the hub of social activity. For coworking professionals using the dedicated desk, however, connecting to others on a more social level within the coworking space is not limited to just the hot desk, as there are other opportunities to engage the coworking community.

Space Saver

Depending on the office organisation, your hot desk is also a space saver, in a very general sense. With more than one person using the hot desks, your business does not have to worry about unused desks that occupy rooms. In fact, the hot desk gives you the chance to maximise the amount of space used in an office. The dedicated desk, alternatively, only works when each desk is occupied and used by someone in the office consistently.

Benefits Of One Over The Other

The dedicated desk presents professionals with a quiet place to work, and in the coworking space, this can be of great value when trying to work. Also, the dedicated desk is probably one of the most sanitary ways to go about sharing office space in that since you are the only one occupying the desk you do not have to worry about other people making a mess of your workspace. Ultimately, the benefits of working at a dedicated desk relate to having autonomy over your own space.

Dedicated Desk Versus The Hot Desk

Dedicated desks can be a great option for working in the coworking space. While you do not get to gab with other professionals, it can still place you in an environment where networking is a priority. The only difference between it and the hot desk, really, is that can provide you with the privacy and quiet to work.

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