Top 3 Reasons Why First Time Homebuyers Need Google Home

You don’t have to spend a fortune to turn your first home into a smart home. First time home buyers can enjoy the convenience of a smart home by purchasing a Google Home assistant. From controlling the lights and smart appliances in your home to providing hours of entertainment, the Google Home smart speaker provides a wide variety of versatile commands that will give you the smart home of your dreams. Here are some of the top reasons why every first time homebuyer needs to buy Google Home.


Everyday Tasks and Organization

Perhaps one of the greatest benefits to having a Google Home assistant is being able to simplify basic tasks via voice command. You can control your smart thermostat, lights, and other devices using your Google Home. For example, simply say “OK, Google, raise the temperature by five degrees” to change your thermostat. You can ask the smart speaker to dim the lights, open the garage door, or even set your alarm. Simplify everyday tasks easily to save time and hassle, especially on those busy mornings. There are thousands of compatible devices that will work with your assistant.

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Can’t remember where you left your keys? Tell Google to remember where you put your keys or other valuable items. Then ask later on when you need to find them. Use Google Home to create task lists, remember appointments and events, and contact local businesses to set up appointments. Enjoy your own personal secretary in the small little speaker.


Extra Security

Among the features of Google Home, you can control smart devices and apps that provide extra security and safety for your home. This includes asking Google Home to tell you who is at the door via compatible security camera system or making sure that your door is locked. Some security systems that work with your assistant include, Frontpoint Security, and Live Interactive. These all vary in regards to price and functionality, but first time homebuyers will appreciate the safety and security their assistant can bring to their home. Use IFTTT to add more functionality to your security devices. Using this service, you can tell Google Home to turn lights off and on, set a siren during an emergency, and lock your doors. The app allows you to call up to five emergency contacts simultaneously via voice command. This is especially helpful for home owners that have health conditions or live alone.



Google Home provides an incredible number of entertainment options. For example, play games, listen to music, watch TV through Chromecast, and listen to audiobooks with these smart speakers. You can set up multi-room music streaming to enjoy your favorite tunes throughout your residence, or keep the kids entertained with interactive educational games like Mad Libs. The possibilities are practically limitless.


First time home buyers will enjoy a wide variety of options when using Google Home. From organization to entertainment, security to simplifying their lives, there are many reasons why every home buyer should have a Google Home assistant.

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